Bay Area Teens Shoot Random People With 'Gel Blaster' Guns

2023-02-15 17:30:47 By : Ms. Crystal Chou

Following a spate of reported incidents in San Carlos where young people are allegedly shooting Gel Blasters—or Orbeez Guns—at random victims, the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office announced Monday that they will be cracking down on the illegal use of the toy guns.

Gel ball blasters fire thawed or frozen water pellets that can cause injuries, particularly when discharged rapidly, the sheriff’s office said. Best Monster Truck Toys

Bay Area Teens Shoot Random People With 'Gel Blaster' Guns

The toy guns have become popular in San Mateo County and beyond since the so-called #gelblaster challenge began trending on TikTok.

In a press release, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office reminded residents that assault by Gel Blaster on a person or animal is a criminal offense.

The sheriff is currently looking for five juvenile suspects, who have allegedly been firing the toy guns from a moving vehicle in San Carlos near the downtown area during the evening, according to witness statements.

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Bay Area Teens Shoot Random People With 'Gel Blaster' Guns

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